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Welcome to the first LJ community for the lovely and talented Rose Byrne!

Rose Byrne was born on July 24, 1979 in Sydney, Australia. She has the chameleon-like ablity to take on drastically different characters from film to film. With her ethereal beauty, screen presence, and natural talent, she is well on her way to a long and prosperous Hollywood career. Paul McGuigan, who directs Byrne in Wicker Park, describes her as "incredible" and "the best actress [he's] worked with."

Byrne will next star in the intense psychological drama Wicker Park alongside Josh Harnett, Matthew Lillard, and Diane Kruger. The story centres on a man (Harnett) caught in an obessive search for a woman he fell in love with (Kruger) while being manipulated by a woman (Byrne) who tries to keep them apart. The film will be released on Sept 3rd, 2004.

Byrne gained international recognition when she was casted as Amidala's (Natalie Portman) loyal handmaiden, Dorme, in George Lucas Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones. Dorme has gone on to cult status, with a Dorme Forever web forum devoted to her, as well as a online petition to toy makers Hasbro for a Dorme action figure to be released. Byrne followed Star Wars with a staring role in I Capture the Castle, a 1930's English romance based on the book by Dodie Smith. Over the next few years Byrne starred in several Australian television shows while earning her degree from the Australian Theatre for Young People. She has since commenced an Arts degree at Sydney University. In 1999, Byrne rocketed to fame with her role as Alex in Gregor Jordan's gritty crime comedy which also starred the then relatively unknown Heath Ledger. The film was a hit and won public and critical acclaim.

Byrne's next film was her first lead role in Clara Law's surreal The Goddess of 1967 , for which she won a Copi Volpi for Best Actress at the 1999 Venice Internation Film Festival. Next up for Byrne was the critically acclaimed My Mother Frank, which also starred Sinead Cusack, Sam Neill and Matthew Newton.

Byrne travels back and forth between Los Angeles and Sydney. When she has a break from filming, she enjoys spending her time reading, hiking and relaxing at home.

*Biography taken from the offical movie website of Troy, found here, with slight changes of words made.*


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